Vito Biondo

Vito started playing the guitar before he even knew how to hold it. Being left handed it was awkward at first, but he soon got the hang of it. After receiving lessons for 9 years he was facinated watching his father play bass in a combo in the mid-60's and later. After his father stuck a bass in his hand at 13 he knew he was home. Vito was always in the "pit" band through high school and college and loved being challenged with reading charts for the first time through.

Following college, Vito moved to the Central Coast from Long Beach in 1976 with his wife Kim. He played on various studio projects playing bass and guitar. From radio station jingles, movie themes, and bass for other group's projects, he has played in a variety of groups from duos, trios to bands. He has played pop, rock, country and Jazz; whatever music he could play to keep gigging (of course Jazz being his all-time favorite). He enjoys being with the guys in the Central City Swing Band rhythm section who also happen to be the players in Eloquent Quarter.

Slow down, listen, groove, and enjoy every note to it's fullest -that's God's gift to musician and listener alike.



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